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Panatta 4-Station Multi Gym 1MTH112

Panatta Abdominal Crunch 1MTH067

Panatta Abductor Machine 1MTH086

Panatta Adductor / Abductor Machine 1MTH093

Panatta Adductor Machine 1MTH087

Panatta Adjustable Cable Crossover 1MTH125

Panatta Adjustable Cable Station 1MTH114

Panatta Alternate Arm Curl 1MTH056

Panatta Alternate Arm Extension 1MTH057

Panatta Cable Crossover 1MTH111

Panatta Cable Station 1MTH126

Panatta Calf Hack Machine 1MTH092

Panatta Curling Machine 1MTH051

Panatta Deltoid Press Circular 1MTH024

Panatta Horizontal Adjustable Leg Press 1MTH085

Panatta Inclined Chest Press Circular 1MTH034

Panatta Jungle Machine + Cable Station with Bar 1MTH115+1MTH116

Panatta Jungle Machine + Joint Bar + 4 Station Multi Gym 1MTH115 +1MTH119 +1MTH112

Panatta Jungle Machine + Joint Bar + Jungle Machine 1MTH115 +1MTH119 + 1MTH115

Panatta Jungle Machine +Adjustable Cable Station with Bar 1MTH115+1MTH124

Panatta Jungle Machine 1MTH115

Panatta Lat Pulldown 1MTH001

Panatta Leg Extension 1MTH081

Panatta Lower Back 1MTH005